Online Memorials


2006 - 2020

Gizmo! You are a true blessing to our family. Although, we debated the price of puppy purchase in the begining. We went back for you. We just knew you were the one for us. You lived a long peaceful life. When you lost your eyesight people mentioned letting you go to puppy heaven early. Our hearts weren't ready and suddenly you started to attempt and over come. Sometimes running into obiects making us laugh eventhough you were probably doing it just to hear us laugh because you were a true character. Tongue hanging out because you only had one tooth and your 3rd leg longer than your 2 hinds. There was no doubt you were loved by many. Your final day was spent traveling to the vet for an instant cure that wouldn't have been possible. Not only were you at peace riding shotgun as usual but you let your mama know it was your time without having to decide for you upon arrival at the vet. Forever in our hearts, RIP Gizmo aka Gizzy.