Online Memorials


2004 - 2016

Duke had a very good life and loved every minute of it as well as everyone he met. He was always eager to greet people coming into the house. I really think that when the doorbell rang and he barked, he was just telling us to open the door because he wanted to say hi. Duke was always so full of life and always was eager to go for a ride in the car no matter how long or short. He traveled with his brother Riley all across the country from South Carolina to South Padre Island to Phoenix. Whenever he rode in the car he would prop himself up on the console between the seats so he could see out the windshield, he so wanted to see where we were going. He would stay there until he just couldn’t stay awake any longer. He had the calmest most relaxed personality; nothing bothered him. For most every day of his life, he and Riley and I would take our morning walks. We would walk the creek which was about a 2 mile round trip. He so loved to play ball at the park, and he would always try to get us to follow him to the park as we came upon the turn off to the park. He would run up the sidewalk that leads to the park to see if we would follow, and when we didn’t, he would run to catch up with us. He would always take turns fetching the ball with his brother Riley, and if Riley took two turns in row, he would let him know that he had taken his turn. He would carry the ball the entire walk to the park and back because he loved it so much. The other thing he loved was swimming. He would only get in the water when the fetch toy was tossed in and, again he would take turns with his brother.. He has been such a huge part of our lives for the last 11 years and 9 months. He was just 3 months shy of his 12th birthday. For his entire life, he and Riley have been there every day and part of every decision we made in our daily lives. He will always hold a special place in our hearts that is like no other. He will never be forgotten. GoodBye to Our Little Boy Duke!!! You will live in our hearts forever. Duke Motiff, Born June 3, 2004 Died March 23, 2016

--Matt Motiff