Online Memorials

Doodle aka Our Li’l “Doo”

2001 - 2015

Fourteen years ago on Feb. 19, 2001 for me and on November, 2004 11 years for Evan, our little Doodle a/k/a "Doo" came into our lives and showered us everyday with her unconditional love and kisses. She asked no more than to share our days and nights with us no matter what it would be, no matter what it would require, she was always there for us. Now as we walk through the door, you're no longer there to greet us. You're not there to make us smile or laugh anymore. Life seems too quiet without you! You were far more than a pet, you were our family and my best friend..... a kind loving soul who we will never forget. It will take time to heal - for the silence to go away. We still listen for you and we miss you everyday!! We said our last goodbye not too long ago and as the last light flickered in your eyes, I held you close feeling my heart break into a thousand pieces. To have known the joy of your unconditional love is to know the emptiness left when one loses a best friend and a touchstone of life. Our tears will always fall in both sadness and gratitude. You were such a great companion, always constant and loyal and true. Our hearts will always wear the paw prints left there by you. We miss and love you so much Doodle, our lil' Doo.

--Kari Mueller and Evan Locke