Online Memorials

Daisy Starlease

To the kitten that stole my heart. I will miss you my little girl. God blessed me with nine wonderful years with you. But you left so fast. Heaven is just too far for us and in the stars it's not close enough. Every night you're gone,I wish I could just have one more day with you. I have cried so much since you have been gone, I used to hold you when I cried. But I can't now. You will always be my little Tortieshell Flower, with more to say than the world will ever know. I miss your fluffy tail, your love for catnip, and the way you cried like a kitten when you were lonely. See you on the Other Side of the Rainbow, Angel Flower. If the only thing you ever needed was love, you would have lived forever.I love you Daisy.

--Love Mommy. ♥
--Alleah Baron