Online Memorials


2009 - 2021

Cujo was raised @ 11 kids worked with me at Assisted Living turned my Dad into a dog lover. Even the wheelchair didn't stop his pulling it around to put joy in the young and old which made me ecstatic. His heart murmur slowed him down but it was his precious ❤ got too big for his tiny body. Fly Cujo and enjoy eating honey nut Cheerios from Gapa Dale. The pic of clouds showed he was waiting for the day before you left me but I couldn't be more blessed. I hope your pain was not as painful for you as mine is for me now. I Thank you for answering my prayers Jesus..he passed his last ❤ beat to me and all the time I waited for the time you never showed pain or hurt. I can only picture you when I think back to that moment, You, Cujo, shining like an angel. Yes Cujo you will be my Angel til we're together again. I'll always miss you and will never stop loving you with all My ❤