Online Memorials




Even though I know letting you go that day was the right thing to do it still hurts. You were a perfect boy and I’m so sorry I wasn’t better to you. I’m sorry for being sick all the time, I’m sorry I didn’t get you to a vet sooner because I was sick all the time and most of all I’m sorry for not holding you more the day you died. I know it took a lot energy to say hi to me when I came scrambling into the vet’s office the day you passed on, please know that it didn’t go unnoticed. You fought so hard I know that you did. I hope you heard me singing to you and telling you over and over again that you did everything that you needed to do and more because you did. You can relax now baby, you don’t have to fight anymore. I love you my sweet boy.

- Mommy

The entire time that I was lucky enough to know you, there was never a moment where you weren’t the sweetest, happiest little boy. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect boy, and you have only ever deserved the world. I will never stop carrying your love and the love I felt for you with me everyday. I am so sorry that we couldn’t make you healthy again, and I am so sorry that we didn’t get more time to love on you like you deserved. We wish that you could still be right here, but you get to rest now. You never have to hurt or struggle, and you will never stop being loved.

- Daddy