Online Memorials


1995 - 2013

Our dearest Chuzzlewit, from the moment we got you when you were only seven weeks old, you have been the perfect dog for our family- a true prince. For nearly 18 years, you were our friend, our constant companion, our first baby. You gave us unconditional love, a warm shoulder to cry on, a listening ear without judgment, and measureless joy. In return, you have received countless hugs and kisses, complete security, and our steadfast love. We look for you everywhere and expect you to be watching football with Daddy, following Mommy, snuggling with the kids, or sleeping in our bed. The house is empty and sad without you. When you left, you took a piece of all our hearts and we won’t be whole again until we see you in heaven. We miss you and love you always.
--Myra & James Hansen