Online Memorials

Chloe aka momo

2011 - 2023

My Dearest Chloe (Momo, Momkins, Monkey Butt and so much more),

You were the best dog and my best friend. You were full of life, goofiness, and spunk. I know the last few months have not been easy, but you were a trooper. You were my clown and rock through my darkest hours, I wanted to reciprocate in yours. I only hope it was enough.

You have been by my side through so much. Happy and difficult times. You were there when our little family grew by two more. Our family will not be the same without you. You taught me pure, unconditional love. My life is better and brighter because of you. I learned to love with all my heart.

Your sudden passing is devastating and shocking. I wish our last goodbye was not when I left for work in the morning. I wish I had been there to greet and hold you before you took your last breaths. I’m glad you were not alone at the end.

I love you so much. I will miss our hugs, snuggles, tuck ins, your paw on mine, and my little sou chef by my side. Fridays and Sunday fun days will not be the same. Twelve years isn’t nearly enough time. I will cherish our memories, but there will be lots of tears in the meantime.

My princess, I hope you were greeted with open arms when you crossed that rainbow bridge. There is no more pain or sadness. Only happiness and love. You deserve the best and more. You were such a sweet girl. I hope we meet again one day and you’ll run into my arms once again. I love you so much my monkey.