Online Memorials


My sweet, dear Chewie, words cannot begin to describe how much you are missed and loved every day. You are truly one of a kind. Little body, but big heart, and lots of courage. You have always been a great friend, an absolute blessing, and we will never forget you, baby. Thank you for filling our lives with so much love, joy, and happiness. I hope that we gave you the same, and we will always remember our happy and fun times together, as that is what you'd want for us. You are beyond special, you've left your pawprints on our hearts, and we want to live our lives to honor you. Thinking of you and seeing your sweet face in pictures cannot help to bring smiles, through the tears. Thank you for everything. You really taught me so much - about life, living, unconditional loving - how everyone should act. What I wouldn't give to have you in my arms again and to cuddle you, but I know that you are not in any pain or suffering, and that we did what was needed - what was the best for you, what really mattered - and that you told us that you were ready and all would be okay somehow. No matter how much time we have together, it is never enough, but we are so fortunate and happy for the time you blessed our lives, and you'll always be a blessing to us. You accepted and understood in ways others could not. What a precious, irreplaceable, and wise soul. We've been through so much together. My heart will always be with you, my gentle, loyal, faithful, and caring friend and fur son. Please say hi to Snuggles, as well as our other family members we lost. I will lean on Sparkie, who loves and misses his brother, and we will still make pancakes in your honor. My beautiful little shadow, always by my side, always in my heart and thoughts. See you at the Rainbow Bridge, my sweet little man, and you have changed my life so much for the better. You'll truly be missed by everyone who had the privilege of knowing and loving you. We are comforted by feeling your presence when we need it the most. XOXOXOXO Mommy, Daddy & Sparkie
-- Angi