Online Memorials


Bugsy, It snowed last night and I expected to let you out this morning to let you run through the deep snow banks, and to watch you come in the house with snow all over your nose. We found you in Alaska and adopted you,then again I think you adopted us. We went on many adventures together,to include traveling on an airplane from Alaska to Colorado with you sleeping under my feet on the flight! What a hoot!! When we bought our house in 2006 we were not sure if you would like it or not-soon enough you were the neighborhood dog,you ruled the cul-de-sac! Bugsy, you knew where everyone was,should be, and just what was going on. Your brother Logan will miss you so much, especially when you would be so sweet and loving to him for the treats he would have and then you would run away like "thanks brother,now leave me alone"-too funny. You were my shadow,my walking buddy and my kitchen taste tester-which was the reason that we walked so much. Your Garret(our grandson) always included you in our Sunday pancake breakfasts with your own pancake. The holidays are going to be so tough as you loved them like a child. At Christmas you were always so excited when we brought out the boxes of lights and the tree. As soon as the tree was decorated you would walk underneath it. When the gifts were under the tree you would begin snooping to see where yours was.....devoted, you would wait by the front door when your dad would leave the house,if I was gone you would wait by the backdoor. You were the center of this home,everyone always asked about you and what crazy habit you had acquired lately. Like the coffee with cream after dinner,only 2 teaspoons but it rocked your world, or not going to bed at night until you said goodnight to both of us and we verbally said that it was okay for you to go to bed and sleep tight. We can not go around a corner now without expecting to see you, or expect to see a piece of your dog food thrown on the floor just because you were trying to make a point with us. Bugsy, we love you so very much and will miss you forever. Enjoy running in that field of flowers,smell them all like you did here and find a steak bone to enjoy. We will again one day be together and will continue our Mom
-- Karlona and Boris