Online Memorials


2017 - 2017

Bubba, the day you were born, brought into the world I just thought holy cow he’s going to be a big cat. I was rggoing it about your size but you had a personality that is not replaceable. I miss you so much and it’s been almost a week without you. I remember you would be the first to greet me at the door and always laid in bed with me and let me make you dance and just love you. I remember how you smelled after the bath I gave you a week before you passed away. You got stuck in a fly ribbon and I had to help you become clean. You did amazing getting that bath. Bubba I miss you like crazy and now you are back home with me and your family. I love your bright blue green eyes and your soft fur. You loved me more than you should’ve and I miss you baby Bubba. My other cat back home with my parents in Pennsylvania also passed not long ago. Bubba say hi to Demetri and Moonshine my first two cats during my childhood for me. Eat lots of your favorite food Meow Mix and I’ll let you tear open the treat bags this time. Enjoy staying young and sleeping till your little heart is content. I love you I miss you and I know for a fact I’ll see you one day again and we will cross bridges together. Rest easy bubba.