Online Memorials


2004 - 2017

Boots came to me one morning when a heartless person pulled up in front of our home and set him down in the street. I watched in horror as the man drove away and that 8 week old puppy went running after his truck until he realized his little legs couldnt keep up. I ran out and called to him and he turned and ran right toward me as if to say, I knew someone would want me! It was a friendship made in Heaven. He gave so much joy and unconditional love to me and was such a great friend and buddy. Life doesnt get any better than that...a friend that greets you every time you return home and loves you just the way you are. It was our privelidge and joy to give Boots the home he deserved. Abandoning pets is cruel and I thank God every day that I was here that morning to welcome him to his forever home. I will never forget Boots for as long as I live. My heart is broken. Enjoy your pets...time goes by so fast and cancer is so cruel.