Online Memorials


2017 - 2023

Our sweet brave boy passed away july 5th 2023 at 2:57 pm.
Blaze was a loving, sweet and gentle pupp. He was very Intelligent and fiercely protective of our family. Always checking on us ready to give us his undivided attention, love and affection. He kept us safe from this chaotic world. we trusted him with our whole hearts. He didn't deserve to suffer this way, but we understand that he was needed elsewhere.
We hope to find him again one day! He brought us so much love and joy! Our hearts are broken, and realizing we will never be able to embrace him or hear his bark is devastating...but for Blaze we will go on..he would've wanted us Blaze we hope you're chasing bubbles and running after the water from the hose! Until we meet again blazey boo!!!