Online Memorials


2007 - 2021

Our Bella our Cocker Spaniel came into our life when she was almost 3 yrs old, shared our home with another Coker, Candy, our chihuahua Missy and cat, MONTI. She was a very special girl, my shadow, was always with me or looking for me. She and Monti had their special way of communicating, she would follow Monti to her cat food and wait patiently for a few kibbles. I bathed and clipped from day one, the best girl I have groomed, she would sit anyway I wanted, even lay on her back while I trimmed her belly, she also jumped into my bath tub for her bath. It was hard to let her go but she was suffering from kidney failure and had lost all her strength but would still try to follow me, I know she is resting and looking down on us.