Online Memorials


2003 - 2017

Bear was my best friend. He was with me through thick and thin...never leaving my side. Bear was my first real adult responsibility. One day it sounded like a great idea to get a dog so I bought him when I was 24 on a whim even though the apartment I was living at had a strict no pet policy. From the moment he jumped up on me in his kennel, I knew he was the dog for me and we were bonded. Even though he was an obnoxious puppy he was so much fun. There was nothing that he did not try to eat. He ate hockey pucks, baseball gloves, a carpet tack strip, medication, my wallet, a pumpkin, a rose bush...basically anything within reach. From long runs, to playing fetch, to playing in the water at the dog park, and playing hockey to your floppy puppy face to the time when your enormous tail almost broke a crystal award…these are the memories that I will cherish. As time goes by my memories may fade but I will never forget our adventures and our time together Bear. The house feels large and empty without you.
Best spent 400 dollars ever!