Online Memorials


2016 - 2020

I wish the whole world had the opportunity to meet my sweet beans. Beans was truly one of a kind. He was incredibly intelligent and in tune with his emotions. He was like my therapy animal and knew when I was having anxiety/panic attacks. He’s been my rock through so many challenging times as I navigated being a single teen mom from a broken home while pursuing a nursing career. Beans loved to chase his laser. That was the fastest you’d ever see him move. He was a big boy, my gentle giant and didn’t care much for exercise. Beans also loved catnip which made him act like a little crackpot. He never bit or scratched, even with my kids. He’d play chase with my son. He loved car rides I’d take him all over the place. He loved belly scratches and would roll over to expose his tummy as soon as you’d approached him. When you’d scratch right under his foot pads, he’d spread his toes out like a flower. He had a spot behind his ear that made him kick his leg when you scratched it. I made the mistake of keeping his treats in my nightstand drawer- every time I’d open it to get something else out, he’d come bolting in there expecting a treat. I bought beans a pink collar as a joke because he was like my delicate princess. He’d only drink out of a faucet. It was a fight every day to brush my teeth or wash my hands. I couldn’t keep plants because he’d eat them. And if anyone gave me flowers, I’d have to place it strategically. Beans LOVED flowers and he’d always knock the vase over trying to steal the flowers. He was also a well known straw thief (which would also usually result in spilled liquids) and trash can tipper. He loved lying in the sunlight. He’d sleep with me every night. He knew his name and would come when I’d call. He emitted love like the sun emits heat. He was my soul mate and he was loved so incredibly much. “If love could have saved you, you would have loved forever”
Until we meet again my sweet beans.