Online Memorials


1998 - 2011

Baxter, a 13 year-old Keeshond, passed away last night, October 12th, 2011 at 8:32 PM in our home. He was more than a family friend to us. He was also a medical dog. He had suffered pain in his abdomen and heart failure. He couldn't hang on any longer; he just gave up, and I saw him take his last gasp of breath of air as he went, never to be forgotten. For the past 13 years he was happy-go-lucky and always friendly. He always wanted to go and was very playful. Our vet had the same kind of animal and said that his passed away at 13 years of age from cancer. When they checked Baxter, they stated possible trouble with his kidney, liver, or pancreas, or possibly a tumor. But they weren't sure without a blood test which we were going to have done today. Unfortunately, that never happened. There will never be another to take his place nor even come close to his disposition. He was loved by everyone, including this family. God Bless You, Baxter. You are no longer in pain or suffering any more. It will never be the same around here without you. From the family and friends that loved you ad took care of you.