Online Memorials


Annie was our first dog, and we adopted her from the Humane Society in Colorado Springs. I remember the day I picked her out--she was the only dog in the row sitting very still and quiet, watching me intently. After completing all of the required paperwork, we were heading out to the car. She was so excited to be leaving with her new human, that she ran her head straight into the glass door! My favorite memories of her were our late night rides to Sonic for a drink--she would sit up in the passenger seat like a person, and always be on the look-out for strangers, keeping me safe. She never needed a leash, because she'd always be at our side and came when she was called, but she wore one anytime we went into town just to make everyone comfortable. Annie accepted every new furry family member we brought into the house, whether it was a cat or dog or baby lamb, and always loved it like it was her baby. We never had to worry that she would fuss or fight with any of them. Even at the very end, Annie never complained or showed any signs of pain. She just became slower when she moved, and laid around more than usual. Our lives will never be the same, now that our Annie girl has passed away, but she will always live on in our hearts. We love you, Annie, always and forever.

--Jon & Alessandra Bullis