Online Memorials


2009 - 2021

Troggdor, my sweetest little kitty. You’ll never know or could comprehend the effect you’ve had on my life these past 13 years. You entered my world shortly after you were born. You helped me recover from the grief of losing Gwen. You were cute, playful and had the sweetest meows. I taught you to fetch the little bird and you did so enthusiastically. It became one of your favorite things.

When it was time to sleep, I loved how you would grab the octopus and start meowing as you brought it onto the bed with you. I love how you’d sleep with us on the bed and eventually shared my pillow. You’d use your whiskers to tickle me awake, leaving me tired many days, but I still couldn’t help but snuggle and boop heads. Your rough kisses on my cheeks, your tender bites.

You were there for my troubled moments and would lay next to me when I cried. We’ve experienced Germany, the Azores, Alaska and Colorado together. I know Colorado was your favorite and I’m glad it was where you lived your last few years. Sitting on the ottoman cushions, laying under the tree watching the squirrels, and roaming around the yard, and for whatever reason, you liked using the flowerbeds as litter boxes.

On your last day, coincidentally Winter Solstice - the shortest day, you went outside for the sunrise. It was pretty one with a pink and red sky (in your honor). You wandered over by your favorite tree and sat quietly. A few moments later, you came in and I surprised you with a tasty sardine. We spent an hour or so together on the couch downstairs and you let me brush your fur. You purred in approval and gave me a few kisses on my hand. When you laid down under the blanket, you rested your weary head and one arm over my hand and snuggled it. Eventually, you decided to go back outside and enjoy the one spot of green leaves remaining in the yard.

Sadly, your time was nearing the end. The vet came and we brought you to your favorite cushion. You laid on my lap as she gave you a sedative. You curled up on my lap for another half hour. I spoke softly to you. I told you it was ok and that I loved you, how you’ve enriched my life, and thanked you for loving me.

This is the hardest day I’ve yet to experience. You were practically weightless in my arms. I am so terribly sad to say goodbye. You were such a good kitty. The impression you made on my heart will stay with me forever. I will miss you dearly. I will miss your morning wake up whisker tickles. I will miss walking on the scattered kitty litter thrown across my bathroom floor. Mixing your arthritis meds in gravy and feeding you breakfast. How you’d stand on the table wanting attention and pets. When you’d stand at my feet and lean against me before I left for the day. Letting you outside to go explore (it runs in our little family). Seeing you curl up on top of the cat cave instead of inside it. Looking out the window while laying on your maroon blanket. And most of all, how you’d curl up in my arm and rub your head on my chest while grabbing me tight with your paws. That was my favorite thing you’d do.

Thank you sharing your life with me and loving me in return. Goodbye my little kitty. Know I am heartbroken as you cross the rainbow bridge. I’ll look for you in my heart. 🌈