Online Memorials

Stella Blue

2009 - 2023

We said goodbye to our baby princesa girl Stella Blue on Monday April 3rd, 2023. For 13 1/2 years, Stella was a loyal best friend. She lived and loved an extraordinary life for a scrappy German shepherd from Central America. She was a guard dog and a farm dog before becoming a pet dog. In Nicaragua she was my constant companion, playing hide & seek among the coffee bushes and learning to fetch with cacao beans. We would race to get the fallen avocados off the ground before she chomped them, and they remained a favorite treat throughout her life. Stella always maintained her position as protector of the family. She never took kindly to strangers, you had to prove yourself to gain her trust. She kept cats and ravens (and children) at bay with her vicious barks. Stella loved pets and rubs but did not like too many kisses. Once she loved you though, she demanded your attention.
Stella and Rio were our adventure buddies on countless adventures: camping, hiking, swimming, chasing chipmunks, you name it. We are grateful for years of companionship, entertainment, and love. Our sweet girl is at peace. It IS impossible to imagine life without her by our side. We will miss her forever. 💔