Online Memorials


You were my beautiful princess, sassy little Doodlebug and love of Boulder’s life since the day we brought you home. Your tiny 5 lb. body held more love and personality than anyone could’ve imagined.

Independent and strong-willed, you bossed your brother around, were a nosy-nelly with hilarious routines, preferred playing with your toys alone, cuddled when it was on your terms and never settled for less than a fluffy pillow to lay on. A loner at first glance, you were a momma’s girl, on full alert and never far behind if I left the room without you. When hearing the words “bath” or “clean your face”, you’d run. If your hair was fixed nicely, you’d mess it up before the brush was put away. After a bath you loved rolling in freshly cut grass. You knew exactly what you liked and how you liked it - challenging me almost daily and I loved you all the more for it.

I’ll miss our walks and how you knew only one speed – too fast! I’ll miss all the little games you played – spontaneously attacking your toys, ignoring cameras and refusing to give kisses when you wanted someone to stay. I’ll miss your potty dance, Houdini stunts and your twirly-girl routine while waiting for a treat after I’d put you on the bed each night. I’ll miss you sleeping on the pillow next to me and finding you’ve moved to mine after I got up. I’ll even miss your snoring and burping – how did such huge sounds come from someone so little?!? I’ll miss you loudly voicing your opinions about everything, then using that little under-your-breath woof when you actually needed something. I still hear it on occasion - I like to think you’re letting me know you’ll always be with me. Most of all, I’ll miss your excited curly tongue kisses on my nose and how you made me laugh every day.

We were inseparable so it’s hard to believe I never understood how much you truly loved me until the neurologist said he could tell you lived for me… Mommy lived for you Doodlebug, you were my baby, my everything. Thank you for 11-1/2 years of kisses, loving me, making me laugh and for sharing your life with us. Coming home to you was always my favorite part of the day. I hope I was as good a mommy as you deserved.