Online Memorials

Miss Priss Iris McNeil ‘Missi’

1997 - 2012

Missi was sent to me at a time when we really needed each other. We were both abused gals who needed someone to just love us and be there. She was my cat and I was her human - no one would or could come between us. She was my best friend – she was always there for me no matter what I was feeling or going through – we were each others strength and love. She was a tiny, petite little thing but she could hold her own against her larger cousins. She understood a lot of what I was saying, she loved tuna, chicken and cheese and was always there to share my meals with me. We went to sleep every night after she gave me one of her wonderful clawless massages and woke up together and I would carry her to the kitchen for breakfast. She always greeted me at the door when I got home from work to tell me about her day and then we’d sit and watch tv or read a book . She was always sitting either beside me or on my chest so she could hear my heartbeat and I could hear her purr. She was diagnosed with liver problems but she held on. Our church group said prayers for her the first time she was really sick and that gave us 5 more years together. A huge part of my heart and soul went with her, but I know she is no longer sick or uncomfortable. We had 13 wonderful years together and I thank God for bringing her to me and teaching me to love again. I love you so much, my sweet baby, and I miss you even more.
-- Debbi McNeil