Online Memorials


2007 - 2021

Mickey was an amazing dog, and my whole family loved him and also spent much time with him over the years. I took him on many adventures from hiking to the summits of 14,000+ foot peaks in Colorado's Rocky Mountains to adventures to the Pacific Ocean in California. He was well traveled with me, and an incredibly loyal companion who loved to ride in my truck and car. He had been to 7 states with me on various road trip adventures. He was a gentle dog who loved people and other dogs. Always friendly and happy to do something interesting. His tail would beat against the wall or cabinets making a thumping sound when he was excited. I go him from the Dalmatian Rescue in Fort Collins, Colorado. He was a Dalmatian-Black Lab mix with markings that gave him a heart-shaped face, Mickey Mouse logo on his back and back pants. I loved this dog and treasured the time he spent with me. During the pandemic shutdown of 2020, he was there for me, easing the burden of isolation and loneliness from all the social distancing and canceled events. I will always be grateful to Mickey for that and always thankful to my family for helping me take care of him when I was out of state or out of the country. He was a true family dog. Thank you, Mickey. In loving memory. Dog heaven just got an amazing new dog angel, who will always be remembered. Mickey 2007-8/2/21.