Online Memorials

Jingle Vichos

2013 - 2016

My bunny was my best friend no one can replace her and yet she I still in my heart and I think of her every day. I got her 3 years ago when I was 8 she was only about 3-4 when she passed. My dog (Effie) was her best friend the first day me and Effie realized she was gone Effie was whining and I didn't know how I felt. She had this thing called floppy bunny syndrome and she was getting better but not better enogh. When I came home from school I went to go take care of her and she wasn't there and my mom didn't know I knew she was gone and my mom told me to clean my room and I started crying more than I have ever cried. So now she's in my room on the shelf right next to where I sleep. R.I.P jingle Bunny 12/25/13-8/31/16