Online Memorials


2003 - 2019

For a rescue pet, nothing is better than to be adopted into a loving home and when eternity be able to breathe your last breath, resting in the arms of the one who loved you most...a perfect pause in time until we meet again.

My dearest Cleo, I remember when my gallstones were acting up and the pain was so bad that I took every pill in the medicine cabinet...and as I dozed off (I guess my breathing pattern must have changed) Cleo kept slapping me in the face...over and over and over until I finally roused again. She saved my life that day; and over the years, whenever anyone in the house got sick, Cleo would come and lay at the foot of the bed...until the illness passed. We had a joke that if Cleo was hanging out in your bedroom, you were probably sick and just didn't know it.

Ahhh my beautiful baby have your wings now and through tears, we celebrate your life. Go head girl! Spread your gorgeous wings and head towards heaven. This Love is Forever and a Day.