Online Memorials


2006 - 2015

Little Hero Dog- self taught medical alert dog with 20 saves to his credit passed away on February 14th, 2015. Bosco was almost 9 years old. He was born deaf and learned how to detect low and high blood sugars for Tammy's fragile type 1 diabetes. A pie ball miniature dachshund who lived for Tammy's well being. Bosco was also credited with alerting and saving the life of our whole family moments before grandma, who was driving the car, had a seizure. He alerted when another dog in the home was in the early stages of bloat and to another family member who as recently as Christmas Eve, 2014 had a cardiac event. He was an amazing little dog who mastered over 12 hand signs. His deafness was never an obstacle; his deafness may have contributed to his superior scenting ability that made him a medical alert dog. He is survived by his mom, Tammy and Mitra and by his fellow packmates - dogs Jasmine, Uli and Jahnavi and kitty Coco.

--Tammy Reynolds