Online Memorials


We've just lost one of the sweetest docile dogs we've ever owned!! Smart and understanding and knowing almost to a fault...Dr Adams at NAVH always said "he was the easiest and sweetest dog he ever cared for!" ....that was our Benj and everyone knew him in the loved him....he could catch a ball like a pro and would sleep with the ball in his mouth...he could play ball as long as you'd let him...people were amazed at his accuracy every time!! Benji could run with the best of them; he was 3 weeks shy of 13 years, but everyone couldn't believe he was that old...a beautiful Australian Shep/ Mix....white with spots of brown/beige/black...a sweetheart of a pet/our lil. in peace ...little boy...untill we meet again!!! We love you!! Thank you to everyone at NAVH...they were all so kind and to Homeward Bound for caring and taking care of our lil "loved one." Gosh ...but we miss him so!! ;(((

--Joan Migneault