Online Memorials


2005 - 2019

I wish words could express how much I miss you my sweet boy. Although my heart is broken without you here and I miss you each moment, although our bedroom feels empty and has an echo that it didn't have before now that you aren't in it, I will endure this pain to know you're at peace and no longer suffering. You were a gentle soul, stoic, loyal, and loved me unconditionally no matter what and I thank you for all that you taught me, all that you shared with me. You have taught me to not be afraid at the end. You have taught me to let go, we can't control everything - just take life moment by moment. You were truly my best friend and I thank you for all the wonderful years together. I wish I could have made your final days more comfortable, I did all I could because we weren't ready to let each other go yet - but the time came and you were just too tired, you gave me the signal and are finally able to rest. I love you forever and ever, boog. Run fast and free just like when you were a young man. I hope we meet again someday and can share Sheltie hugs for eternity