Online Memorials


2003 - 2014

Amber, a Tyler daughter, developed liver issues the past 6+ months and her blood glucose was showing early signs it was on the rise. We did all we could and yesterday it was clear we could do no more. Amber is now with Tyler, Amanda, Gayla, Bubba (she was the one that got us into Aussies), Morgan and Mogul. After-care arraignments were handled graciously by Gwen at Homeward Bound; Amber was back with us in less than 24 hours.

Amber was a chatty, goofy red girl. She had something to say about everything. I used to joke that we should get her a SAG card and gigs as a sound effects artist in SiFi movies. And, she was by far the silliest dog of our pack. The attached photo really shows her personality – Mel Brooks would have appreciated her sense of humor.

She lacked a bit of self-confidence and didn’t always show well, yet did good at dog shows, but we never managed to finish her – life got in the way. Her only points were two 3-point majors and one 4-point major. When she wanted to show, she was really good, and her movement was as nice as it could be.

About 18 months ago, we adopted a small dachshund/poodle mix, Lady, who is a third the size of Amber. The two would really rough house all the time, and Amber never once hurt her.

Amber would have been a really good Angel On A Leash therapy dog. She loved to be held, petted, and she got along with all dogs – she craved attention. Meeting a new person was her new BFF and she had plenty.

Amber you were a lovely girl, and will be dearly missed.

Harrington’s Forever Amber: July 23, 2003 to April 3, 2014.

--Chuck & Deborah